For Business

Our Objective:

We would like to form alliances with local businesses who cater to the wedding market in an effort to expand our own reach of potential clients. We will establish these relationships such that it is mutually beneficial to everyone involved – Stars, partners, customers.

The Program:

Partner businesses have the opportunity to give away Stars discount gift certificates to their customers. The customer will receive a reduced rate on their booking of a wedding limousine package. The partner business can use this voucher to enhance a package they are trying to sell. There is absolutely no cost, risk or downside to the partner businesses.

Benefit To Partners:

–As a partner business, you have the opportunity to enhance the wedding products or services you are already offering by adding a gift certificate for Stars Limousine services to your bundle. You can encourage a larger purchase in your store by throwing this in.

–There is no cost to participate

–You get free advertising on the Stars website

–Goodwill among your customers – you look better to them by giving them more value for their purchase in your store

What We Will Do For You:

–We will provide partners all marketing material required (business cards, brochures, displays, information card, vouchers, etc.).

–We will list you as an official partner on our website and indicate the discount that a customer can receive. We are very actively marketing our website online and are getting some good traffic. It is our intention that someone looking to book a limo with us will be encouraged to also purchase services from a partner vendor in order to receive a discount on their limousine.

Your Involvement:

–As a partner business, you agree to display Stars marketing material in your store

–You have 2 choices of participation. You can offer to your customers either:

–1. You can offer 10% off Stars Limousine service OR

–2. Offer a $50 gift certificate and Stars will also pay you a commission of $50 for the referral upon booking (the vouchers can be labelled in order to track them).

So, one way you offer your customers a better discount, giving them more value, the other way you get to pocket something for your effort. You can decide which is better for your business.

Either way, let’s talk and see how we can work together to grow your business.  Call us at 474-3433 or contact us through our main website at